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Chris Chesebro

SVP, Strategic Capabilities at Coty

"I too often find that industry events have agendas stuffed with self-aggrandizing case studies, or thinly veiled sales pitches. This is exactly why I prioritize Videonomics summits. The team puts forth a clear agenda that focuses on real issues, and I know the room will be full of my peers. Environments like this are rare in our industry."

Jonathan Anastas

Chief Marketing Officer at TEN: The Enthusiast Network

"The peer-to-peer 'roundtable' approach used by Videonomics is a unique difference that really adds value to me. They provide a venue where I can really hash outsolutions to marketing issues, or surface future trends, in the company of peers, versus a room of media sales people with something for me to buy."

Drew Lewis

New Media Director at Wunderman

"Videonomics breaks the norm of traditional conferences. Lose the panels and keynotes and let's have an intelligent discussion about the state of marketing today. There's an inherent realization that your issues and struggles in the market are the same as your peers. Insightful, inspiring, and good fun. Can't wait for the next one."