A 5G mobile cheat sheet and Santa’s sleigh gets a makeover

Posted 6 months ago by A 5G mobile cheat sheet and Santa’s sleigh gets a makeover

In concert with its recently released video report, the IAB also published a comprehensive Video Advertising Glossary this week intended to keep the video industry aligned when it comes to the “lexicon of terms used in business and communication.” The living document, which will be overseen by the Digital Video Working Group, comprised of IAB member companies, is presented in a simple but nifty-looking format that is easy to navigate with a thorough category index that ranges from general video terms to ad creative types, metrics, technology, and data. Each term or phrase is supported by a concise definition written in layman’s terms and includes commonly used acronyms, when relevant, just to keep the fast-moving Wild West of digital video jargon in check. For example, cost-per-viewable impression (CPVI also VCPM), or video multiple ad playlist (VMAP), or audible and viewable on complete (AVOC). The span of ad and creative types is also impressively complete, detailing the form and function of sixteen different ad types, which will likely grown over time.

The mission of the glossary, according to the IAB, is to keep track of video vocabulary and the new terms that are added to industry’s business vernacular on a continuous basis. “The industry bears a responsibility to provide consistent meanings and definitions. The IAB Digital Video Glossary is an undertaking to do just that.” The IAB went on to say that while the glossary serves as an up-to-date reference source for “improving communication and efficiency” it is also intended to reduce the “improper use of terminology.”

In summary, nice job, IAB! The Glossary will continue to house language that is relevant to the digital video ecosystem, and it’s definitely worth downloading to have on hand.


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