Brands: Do Less Brand Ads and More Brand Acts – Eric Weisberg

Posted 4 years ago by Chelsea Mathieu

Eric Weisberg

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Brands: Do Less Brand Ads and More Brand Acts

As Global Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, Eric Weisberg is no stranger to hearing the ever-needed shift in ways brands communicate with their audiences. In this interview, Eric shares how programmatic is incredibly powerful however the ideas, not the algorithms are what people remember.

Eric shares what he calls the, “Three Buckets of Opportunities” First, it’s all about story starting and less about story telling. Successful brands let influencers, culture and consumers finish what they start. Brands also should focus on brand acts vs. brand ads. The power lies in what you do, not what you say and finally, content is a team sport. Teamwork is where modern storytelling is made possible.

He shares specifics from the Tylenol “#HowWeFamily” project. This case study demonstrates how they used this conversational method and found success. The collective power of content doesn’t come from production value but Influence and culture.

“Be authentic,” he says and, “When you go for the heart first, the eyeballs follow”