Brands Going In House; Branded Content On The Rise

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Brand Watch

Nielsen and Kraft Pilot New Brand Tracking Tool – While this tool seems like an important milestone on the road to complete ROI tracking of direct response spending, I keep thinking about the pressure it puts non addressable TV under to move towards digital measurement. It certainly could change my accountability expectations as a CMO.

Walmart’s New System Will Buy Media for Retailer – And Its Suppliers – Further evidence of major brands efforts to measure ROI can be seen in this move by the nation’s largest retailer. They plan to apply their vast collection of 1st party, third party, and social data to their (and the brands they sell) media buys and loyalty programs. In theory this program will reduce both the big box and its suppliers total advertising spend…and pass the savings on to customers.

Why More Brands Are Buying Digital Ads In-House – While in the previous example Walmart is using its media agency (MediaVest) to buy ads for their digital exchange, this MediaPost story explains why there is a notable trend amongst brands who are taking this buying in house.

Adidas Social Media Team Scores With Real-Time World Cup Marketing – This piece shows the commitment it takes for a brand to prep for realtime marketing in an event that lasts over a month. Adidas’ special sauce included a content bible with 1,000 images and 160 videos primed for use and an hour by hour schedule of the 32 day tournament.

Royal Caribbean Moves Funds from TV to AwesomenessTV – Royal Caribbean is bypassing some of its TV spend and producing two original new series. The intention is to target teens who apparently pester * their parents until they take them on a cruise. *Editor’s note: I am projecting my own kids tactics. Pretty sure this is how Royal Caribbean would word their intentions.

New ‘Loop Count’ Metric on Vine Shows Total Video Views – Twitter has released an update allowing creators to measure the number of loops watched in each Vine. This is a significant tool to brands like Lowes and Urban Outfitters who have embraced the platform.

The Best Branded Content of June – These are hysterical and well executed. Pretend you are doing video research and enjoy. I did.

Native Ads On Upworthy Outperform Editorials – The popularity of native ads rages on. Though there are caveats (like what content is emphasized most), branded content, including video, is resonating with consumers.

New Advertising Technology

Any Video Can Be Interactive — and Soon, They All Will Be – I’ve seen the demo. This is cool tech. We are in the VERY early days of video interactivity.

Media Buying & Measurement

Americans Can’t Even Focus On Television Anymore – TNS is reporting that 56% of Americans engage in another digital activity while watching TV.

Viewability and Fraud round up (yes, I get it, these are not interchangeable terms):

If A Video Ad Plays And No One Hears It, Does It Make An Impression? – Thoughts behind the absence of audibility from the MRC Viewability standard.

DoubleVerify Uncovers Video Ad Fraud Impression Laundering Scheme

An End To Invisible Video Advertising

Streaming Video More Lucrative Than TV – Says CBS’s Chief Research Officer and Videonomics speaker David F. Poltrack at the 2014 Media & Entertainment Industry Forum.

Horizon’s Marianne Gambelli Discusses Television, Programmatic and Life After NBC ‘It’s not just the TV Upfront anymore’ – Great interview. Gambelli is very impressive and this is worth the quick read.

Three out of seven key segments dominate multiscreen video

Facebook is running towards video. Round up time:

New Mobile Facebook Feature Promotes Video Content

Facebook to Buy Ad Tech Company LiveRail