Carpool with Gregor Ehrlich, Social Media and Creative Lead/Executive Producer at The Clorox Company

Posted 2 years ago by John Bohan

Social media has made video more important and popular than it has ever been in the digital space. In marketing, ads can garner tremendous traffic and success on these platforms or become infamously vilified by social audiences at lightning fast speeds. Gregor Ehrlich, social media and creative lead/executive producer for The Clorox Company is an expert at video curation and an outspoken leader on how brands can find success and avoid major pitfalls in social media and digital video. In this engaging road trip through Deer Valley, Utah at Mobilenomics 2017, he speaks with Socialtyze CEO John Bohan about how brands can truly tell impactful stories while still delivering core messages and why the modern complexities of marketing as it relates to social storytelling needs to evolve in order to extend the creative shelf life of brand campaigns.