Emmys Signal an Era of Perpetual Innovation, Issa Rae Makes It Real

Posted 7 months ago by Emmys Signal an Era of Perpetual Innovation, Issa Rae Makes It Real

The ubiquitous blend of traditional broadcast TV and streaming platforms was the real highlight of this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards – glamour, Mrs. Maisel, and wedding proposal aside. This year’s telecast hosted a refreshing and somewhat matter-of-fact blend of the four major platform categories, including broadcast, cable networks, pay-cable, and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, underscoring the trend that perpetual innovation is becoming the new normal for the video and broadcast industries.

For the first time in streaming history, Netflix swept up 23 Emmys, breaking HBO’s 17-year winning streak and spiking its stock by 5%. And if projected budget allocation is any indication that this ubiquity trend will continue, current forecasts state that Netflix alone will spend $8 billion on more than 700 new and original TV shows and movies, growing that budget to $10 billion by next year and rivaling the major TV and movie studios for the first time ever.

Whether this insane amount of content at an unprecedented scale is good for business, or if its equals a marketer’s worst nightmare remains to be seen. It certainly places enormous creative pressure on the four major platforms to keep their eye on the content game and keep shuffling out product. However, as HBO CEO Richard Plepler was quoted as saying in a pitch to incoming talent, “More is not better. Only better is better.”

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