Facebook rejects short-form video formats and MTV wants you to vote

Posted 5 months ago by Facebook rejects short-form video formats and MTV wants you to vote

On the heels of its annual product update – this year aimed specifically at creative professionals with a theme of “creativity” – Apple recently released a short branded film titled “Make Something Wonderful“, a simply arranged black and white slide show featuring the trials and tribulations of creating content, accompanied by a contemplative soundtrack and a lot of Apple laptops. Part of the “Behind the Mac” series that kicked off in June of this year, this newest installment offers “hidden glimpses” of people making their ideas come to life in a sequence that blends writers, musicians, designers, thinkers, a guy and his camel, a cowboy, and even Kermit The Frog with mega stars like Oprah, Bono, Serena Williams, and Lin-Manuel Miranda all in the deep and very personal and collaborative process of thinking and doing.

While this branded message could be from any hardware or software maker, and the timing is certainly convenient to Apple’s recent product news, it still delivers a compelling and inspiring homage to the process of creativity, whether you’re famous or just a guy with his laptop in an ice crater. It signals an era of creativity and a collective endorsement for the high art and magic of what happens when sharp, innovative thinking is applied to the actualization of great ideas and creative vision. Or as the professor and economist Theodore Levitt said, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”


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