Great Results: Why Citibank Doesn’t Call Linear TV “Simple” – Christine DiLandro

Posted 4 years ago by Josh Messinger

Christine DiLandro

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Great Results: Why Citibank Doesn’t Call Linear TV “Simple”

Christine DiLandro, SVP, Head of Media & Integrated Marketing at Citigroup is a digital innovator who does not get side tracked by the technological hurdles of what TV cant do. TV, she says, is still delivering.

TV is evolving and Citibank recently ran its first addressable TV test. They had talked about it for years but could not string together local cable operators. “Now, there are partners that can do it for us.”

While TV is as important as ever, we need to ask more, says Christine. “There is a large screen in every living room and every brand is going to want to partake in engagement with the consumer.” That is the power of TV. As a marketer innovating in TV you will need to ask yourself is my media addressable? If it is, how do I maintain the efficiencies of a national buy?

Then there is the quality component. Citibank just secured the sponsorship of the Today Show concert series. This is a premium platform, “it syncs up perfectly with the brand and what we stand for.” While this is linear TV, It gives Citibank a platform for content and social, making it a lot more than simply a linear TV experience.

Christine’s metrics place a strong emphasis on competitive product awareness. This may sound simple, but Citibank operates in a very competitive space. By aligning campaign engagement and awareness she is able to see the impact in other areas critical to Citibank’s success like search hits and site traffic. These are key drivers for Christine’s business.