How IPG’s $250m YouTube spend effects you

Posted 3 years ago by Josh Messinger

Platform Means Nothing It’s All About The Content!

Some days reading the news tea leaves is easy. YouTube is readying its answer to the cable companies, eyeballs of all ages are jumping from TV to streaming, and the reigning king of long form streaming (Netflix) says platform means nothing. Read: it is all about the content! It doesn’t take Nostradamus to see brand dollars shouldn’t just shift from TV to online but leapfrog more aggresively to mobile.

This Week’s Headlines:

VideoInk’s Newfronts Coverage is doing a bang up job of covering the Newfronts. Their candor on the presentations is refreshing.

Interpublic to Shift $250 Million in TV Ad Spending to YouTube (WSJ). The big takeaway, “The company said the commitment is about four to five times more than what it spent on Google Preferred last year, and its overall TV ad spending will decline this year as a result.” The decline isn’t just millennials either 25-54 year olds are shifting too – Business Insider

The Guardian supports this shift: Analysis: Digital is pushing out cable. Quote for your presentations, “Facebook added nearly two Viacoms of ad revenue last quarter”.

Mobile’s dominance is everywhere:

Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos explain why screen size doesn’t impact their shows (VentureBeat) “The two men emphasized that quality of storytelling is by far the most important, and is something that has transcended culture and language since they started producing shows three years ago.” Rich Greenfield, BTIG. And the proof is in the behavior: Data: U.S. Millennials Watch Netflix Series More Than Broadcast TV Hits (Variety)

Opera officially launches its browser that blocks all web ads — except on 4 sites (Business Insider). Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make ad blocking go away. Even more reason for brands to integrate messaging into content as often as possible. Of course with the FTC on the other end marketers (and publishers!) are going to feel this squeeze more and more.

1800Flowers unwraps IBM Watson-powered mobile gift concierge, signaling AI’s rise (Mobile Commerce Daily) How do 1:1 at scale? Some brands are betting on artificial Intelligence.

Publishers Take A Cue From Snapchat With Vertical Video, But Will Advertisers Bite? (Ad Exchanger)Just one of the many speed bumps for brands in mobile. They need to be thinking about how devices are used and the impact it has on their creative. The good news is media is catching up and can help with content creation. Hello Buzzfeed! Related: NBC Brings Olympics Coverage to Snapchat, With A Little Help From BuzzFeed (Variety).