How your spend has changed…for good.

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Brand Watch

4 Ways Your Brand Can Become a True Thought Leader – Better than your standard listicle, this article distills down how easy it is to create content for consumers that truly connects. The first two were practically enough for me: 1) Find a topic you can own & 2) Partner with the players.

Rosetta Stone Campaign Makes ‘Small’ The Big Story – Remember that thought leadership article we kicked off with? Rosetta Stone seems to be getting it. They developed webisodes with Vice that will run on both company’s online channels. What a killer idea. The only piece missing…why can’t Rosetta Stone users contribute their videos?

The Brilliant Reason Weird Al Is Releasing 8 Parody Videos In 8 Days – Even old brands like Weird Al get it.

Unilever’s Mathieu: Intrusive Advertising Will Be Dead in a Few Years

Viva La Revolucion!

In unrelated news, time to look at some patterns as huge Videonomic forces are playing out in real time that will change how we spend for good.

Advertisers Pulling Back on Cable TV Spending Cutbacks From GM, P&G May Lead to First Upfront Ad Decline Since Recession – As you may have seen by now cable TV’s UpFront commitments are down 4% (estimated). While some of this decline is the movement of dollars to digital, I think it is actually marketers wanting to spend dollars as close to real time as possible. Many, or even more, of these dollars will still be spent on cable TV but marketers are asking themselves why commit in June? Even Univision CEO Randy Falco says that more advertisers are relying on scatter: TV APOCALYPSE OR HICCUP?

Of course I have long since convinced myself, but I am confident evidence of the shift to real time marketing can be found everywhere. Case in point: IPG A-OK. On an IPG earnings call CEO Michael Roth “was mostly focused on digital, and specifically programmatic”. IPG is serious too, they long since announced 50% of their media buying would be automated by 2015. The wrinkle in the the plan…programmatic TV buying doesn’t exist yet in meaningful numbers, but if you are a regular Videonomics subscriber you know this is changing: ABC Hires First Programmatic Ad Sales Chief & NBC May Start Selling TV Programmatically.

P.S. A must read for more on programmatic: A Primer On The Progression Of Programmatic Media, From Search To TV

Another sign in this shift is the land rush towards leveraging data for use in making these real(er) time buying decisions. Just when you thought you knew all of the big players comes this announcement: Oracle Data Cloud Offers Marketing, Social Info Services.