“I hate the word Digital” – Liz Ross

Posted 3 years ago by “I hate the word Digital” – Liz Ross

Liz Ross

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I hate the word Digital

Liz Ross has a 20-year advertising career that began at Modem Media, one of the first “digital” agencies that harkens back to pre-Internet days. She spent 5 years as President at Tribal DDB before going on to Digitas and then to IPG MediaBrands as CMO. Digital has been at the core of her multi-faceted career, so why does she hate the word “digital?” Watch now to learn why.

Recently, Liz became President and CEO of Periscope (that’s Periscope the 500 person independent ad agency based in Minneapolis, not the live streaming app) where she will be working with clients “trying to solve the issues facing all companies today; complexity, technology, how to use data etc. And the truth is, when you focus in on an incredible idea, it all falls into place. It’s not about the delivery channel, or brand building, or following a process, it’s about finding, nurturing and developing an incredible idea.”

Undeniably, one of the really smart people in advertising today, this interview is packed with great quotes, like; “I hate the word Digital.” And, “YouTube is an ocean. You can do a beautiful piece of branded content, put it on YouTube and it’s like pouring salt in the ocean.” And, when it comes to creating media plans, “We can’t divorce who we are as people from what we do – as agencies, how can we sell that to our clients?”

Great stuff here – don’t miss it!