Influencers are Being Overpaid – Rob Jones

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Rob Jones

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Influencers are Being Overpaid

Rob Jones understands the marketing value of engaging with independent influencers. He spent 4 ½ years at Machinima and watched PewDiePie grow subscriptions from 150,000 to over 40 million. For the past two years he has taught a graduate course at USC’s Annenberg School that focuses on multimedia content creation and storytelling. He earned his PhD at NYU and taught courses on new media, advertising and social media. He is the SVP of Video Strategy for PR giant, Edelman. Few people have spent as much time as Rob analyzing the ROI data related to social media influencers. He points out here that many influencers are being over-paid 2-3X over fair market value. The willingness by some marketers to overpay influencers beyond what ROI would suggest, is inflating costs and giving some influencers a false sense of value. Mr. Jones advocates for brands to consider influencers for both PR and marketing strategies as they provide unique ways to connect with hard to reach audiences, but warns to consider the actual ROI before committing to potentially inflated rates.