Interview with Jason DaWayne Smith, Sr. Partner, Managing Director of Digital Investment at Mindshare

Posted 2 years ago by John Bohan

As one of the moderators for Mobilenomics 2017, Jason Smith is committed to helping marketers navigate the mobile space and create formless types of experiences that marry business outcomes with quality consumer experiences. As the senior partner and managing director of digital investment for Mindshare, he knows first hand the major brand pain points in digital and why they are craving a realistic playbook from creative marketers to balance practically with risk and innovation. In this discussion with Socialtyze CEO John Bohan, Jason dissects the problems with the current connective tissue between brand outreach and consumer trust, why brand equity has never been more important, as well as first steps to turning confidence into loyalty even as brand marketers are tasked more with achieving short-term goals with long-term impacts.