Interview with Raakhi Agrawal, Digital Strategy Marketing Manager at Nestle

Posted 2 years ago by John Bohan

Being ‘always on’ with consumers is an incredible challenge but in a digital ecosystem where fragmentation is so fervent and focus can shift by the minute, brands need to find more creative ways to capture their audiences attention in real time. Nestlé has been a pioneering CPG brand in the digital environment as it crusades for true consumer engagement and they continue to reinvent strategies, push new initiatives, and create content which engages consumers across platforms. Raakhi Agrawal is the manager of digital strategy marketing for this iconic company and speaks with Socialtyze CEO John Bohan about revolutionary ways in which it is pushing into the mobile space, optimizing launches on social media, and using influencers to organically connect with audiences in this exclusive interview at Mobilenomics 2017.