Jack in the Box Discusses the Importance of Scaling Influencer Marketing Programs

Posted 2 years ago by John Bohan

Socialtyze, CEO, John Bohan, is back with another installment of probing interviews from the last VMA conference. Click through to hear more words of wisdom from these spectacularly talented marketers.

Finding the Right Influencers to Fit Your Brand

Watch Rah’s Interview

Rah Mahtani, Digital Communications Manager at Jack in the Box, discusses why scaling influencer marketing programs is important. He says that celebrity influencers are important for triggering a conversation and to keep a conversation going and sustained, to utilize micro-influencers. When it comes to finding the right influencer, it’s crucial that the influencer has a visual style, fits with the brand’s verticals and has some type of history with the brand.

Why Creative Is Vital in Keeping Your Brand Integrity

Watch Jeff’s Interview

Jeff Pray, SVP of Starcom USA, shares his process of running ads to various targeted audiences. Jeff discusses the importance of brand integrity with influencer marketing and stresses why creative is vital for any marketing campaign. Patience is also another key component when working on influencer marketing campaigns due to the amount of people involved in the campaign and the various rounds of revisions it takes to perfect it.