Week Observed: Kevin Spacey’s Accidental Advice to TV & Digital Marketers

Posted 6 years ago by Josh Messinger

At Videonomics, we hear a lot about the volatility in the video marketplace: people are watching more TV than ever, but we don’t have the triad of programmatic buying/big data leveraging/attribution-based decision-making that can take advantage of this behavior.

The gap in digital vs. TV spend is narrowing, and video is being consumed across a wider variety of screens, but standardization makes it much, much easier to buy TV – and to buy serious reach via TV – than to buy online video. (There’s no link here; just ask any major video buyer.)

Enter Kevin Spacey. The thesis in a recent speech Spacey gave was that the TV system is broken (e.g. wasted money on pilots that don’t make it, network resistance to binge watching) and it needs to look to outside models, in this case Netflix, to best serve audiences. Though he was addressing traditional media companies, he delivered a hidden message to advertisers: create meaningful content by any means necessary.

It’s time to stop focusing on the mess and start marketing. There has never been a better time to engage your audience. While we work toward a unified video marketplace, take advantage of the proliferation of technology and distribution you have at your brand’s fingertips today. Engage your audience on Vine. Be an exclusive sponsor for a comedian’s labor of love. Create original programming. Generate something shareable. Craft branded content partnerships. Develop deeply-integrated, multi-platform campaigns.

Invest in your brand and your story. Or as Kevin Spacey said, “It’s all content. It’s all story.”

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