More from ADAPT: Chobani, GE, Cadreon and more share how marketers are ADAPTing

Posted 2 years ago by More from ADAPT: Chobani, GE, Cadreon and more share how marketers are ADAPTing

ADAPT Summit Coverage

In case you missed ADAPT, here are a few clips from top marketers sharing how brands are ADAPTing to new opportunities across Snapchat, VR, Programmatic, Data and Native Advertising. At the ADAPT Summit in Dana Point, CA, experts from Chobani, GE and Cadreon took the stage to share best practices on pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing

WTF Does Snapchat Mean For Brands? Chobani Is Finding Out.

With so many emerging social platforms, it’s hard to know what is worth your time and effort. Today, Snapchat is the latest ‘must do’ channel, however it is still uncharted territory for most brands. The platform promises views, but can’t delivery much on targeting or data capture. Chobani will take you into their journey with Snapchat – from their organic launch to paid programming. A transparent point of view on what’s interesting, terrible and exciting on Snapchat.

Jessica Lauria, Senior Director, Brand Communications at Chobani


GE: Embracing Marketing Innovation At Scale

Whereas most companies are dipping their toes into tomorrow’s mediums, General Electric dove into the deep end. Podcasts, VR, comic books…Instagram (seems we could go on forever!) are just some of GE’s playgrounds.

GE’s CMO described this strategy best, “We know ourselves well. We never sit around and say, “How can we make the GE brand cool?” because for those of us who work here, this is the coolest brand in the world. It’s about revealing who we are to the right audiences. The other thing we don’t do is sit around and say, “How do we reach the most people?” We think about who shares our passion and our interest in science, technology, engineering, and we go after that.”

In this session, find out from General Electric’s Chief Creative Officer how GE is embracing these ideas at scale.

Andy Goldberg, Chief Creative Officer at GE Corporate


What Roles Do Data & Programmatic Play In Your Brand Marketing Strategy?

How do we reach customers efficiently and effectively? This core question grounds most marketing considerations ‑ In today’s market though, the paths to consumer engagement are increasingly complex and reflective consumption habits that travel from screen to screen. More than ever marketers need a strategy that not only actively speaks to their audience across all screens, but also leverages attributes of the particular messaging channel to engage with a highly nuanced, data-defined audience subset.

Join Cadreon’s Matt Bayer (SVP, Advanced TV) and MediaHub’s Kelly McGowan (Associate Media Director) for a discussion centered on the marketing use of granular data, automated tools and smart targeting to reach a new generation of audience that expects advertising to be increasingly relevant to their life and experience.

Matt Bayer, SVP, Advanced TV at Cadreon
Kelly McGowan, Associate Media Director at Mediahub|MullenLowe


The Big Blur: Is That A Product Or An Ad?

A lot has been made about the blurring of advertising and editorial content. In fact the entire last season of South Park was dedicated to the ethics of “Native Advertising”. As marketers our reaction to ad avoidance and blocking is to morph advertising into a content business. Some might say it’s sneaky, some might say its smart and an improvement. However the blur is spreading beyond content and into product development itself. From GE’s advanced material “Moonboots” to Dominos internet connected pizza magnet, when does a product become an ad, and does it even matter?

Jon Haber, Co-Founder at Giant Spoon


How To Avoid The Potential Horrors Of Virtual Reality Marketing

As this year’s hot new medium, many brands are going to be experimenting with virtual reality–and most of them are going to royally screw it up. But the few brands that do virtual reality well are going to make heads turn (literally).

This session is all about how brands should be approaching virtual reality marketing. We’ll explore where virtual reality is today and what type of content is going to excel in these early stages. Then we’ll fast-forward to discuss how virtual reality marketing will evolve over time, the likelihood of content monetization, and how we can lay the foundation for a sustainable ad revenue model. By the end of this session, you’ll have a conceptual understanding of how to market in virtual reality, the right way.

Nicholas Manluccia, Manager, Insights & Strategy at Questus