Narrow Down Your Definition of Data – Jessica Chow

Posted 3 years ago by Narrow Down Your Definition of Data – Jessica Chow

Jessica Chow

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Narrow Down Your Definition of Data

How we use the word data is very broad. Jessica Chow, Director of Product Strategy at PK4 Media knows this and says, what we mean is trying to deliver the right message at the right time. As marketers, we make a lot of guesses based on previous site visits or places that people have been. But this isn’t understanding the mindset of the consumer.

For example, when we use geofencing to see that a consumer is visiting a auto dealership we are making a guess that they are in the mindset to buy a car. This guess is close but what mindset are they actually in? Are they ready to buy or just starting out? The challenge is for marketers to add the right layers to their data to determine where audiences are in their purchase funnel. So, instead of only focusing on geofencing it is important to note that is only one layer.

The great news, as people move from linear video to digital consumption of video or to social video the layers just expand, as does our ability to target. The combination of smart data, content that resonates, and sophisticated targeting means it has never been a better time for marketers.