Nestle And HP Talk Content Creative And Influencer Marketing

Posted 2 years ago by John Bohan

At the Videonomics Los Angeles Roundtable a collection of the industry’s leading marketers gathered to take an in-depth look at the emerging trends in video marketing. In a wide-ranging discussion, these executives tackled everything from content creation to emerging platforms, cutting-edge tools to new influencer partnerships. John Bohan, Founder and CEO of Socialtyze, was on hand to interview these thought leaders in a 6 part series that Videonomics is proud to present. Enjoy the second two installments below, and look for the last two next week

Insights On Efficient Content Creation In The Digital Age

Watch Raakhi’s Interview

Raakhi Agrawal, Digital Strategy Marketing Manager at Nestle, shares her insights on efficient content creation in the digital age. Between day-to-day social creative needs, and large tentpole campaign creative, Agrawal explains how Nestle has structured their agency relationships to maximize efficiencies.

How HP Measured The Success Of Their Influencer Initiatives

Watch Noah’s Interview

Noah Lomax, Global Consumer Social Strategy Manager at HP, discusses how his team has leveraged influencers to market the value of print in an increasingly digital first market. Using a mix of celebrity and mid-tier evergreen influencers, the team allowed these passionate content creators to tell HP’s brand story in authentic and interesting ways. Perhaps most importantly, Lomax explains how his team measured the success of their influencer initiatives.