Nike goes viral in World Cup without having to sponsor

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Media Buying

Measurement, the number one transactional issue we face here at Videonomics stirred up a healthily debate last week when TiVo shared their assertion that the top 10 broadcasters are missing out on $88 million in ad revenue due to C3 limitations. While time shifted viewing is certainly having a sizable impact on TV ratings (and this release was picked up across the trades), MAGNA GLOBAL’s SVP, Audience Analysis Practice Lead, Brian Hughes paints a fuller picture: TiVo Study Ignores Realities of TV Buying.

Online Video Ads Out-Price TV Spots:

Even better than Wayne Friedman’s comparison of online & TV CPMs are the comments on the article itself. As an example of just how fractured these mediums are the discussion factors in fraud, targeting, viewability, brand safety, DVR’ing, channel changing, and more. PHEW! A discussion worth reading.

Video Ad Server Says 11% Of Its Ads Are Shown To Bots:

Online fraud is the greatest threat to today’s digital ad market. But we are seeing major moves by technology providers to create transparency around this issue. Vindico’s President Matt Timothy estimates over 11% of the ads they serve are shown to bots. It is time for the digital industry to declare an all out war on fraudulent traffic. Who will be the first networks & DSPs to guarantee human audiences as standard practice? It’s time to stamp this practice out.

What media buyers are looking for at the NewFronts:

New front presenters take note!


McDee’s vs. Taco Bell: Does A Big Ad Budget Guarantee Big Reach?:

A look at two fast food campaigns where Taco Bell dramatically outperformed McDonalds by featuring real life Ronald McDonalds and spending substantially less.

Nike Ad Induces World Cup Fever Without Mentioning the Tourney Once:

Nike made a major investment in the World Cup even though competitor Adidas holds the official sponsorship. The campaign included MAJOR stars, a substantial spend, and a 4:00 spot. As I write this, the video has only been on YouTube for three days and yet it has garnered 33,522,361 views. I’d say this is Nike hitting the ball out of the park. Please note: As an American I have no idea what the soccer corollary is to ‘hitting it out of the park’.

FX Networks brews up sponsorship deal with MillerCoors:

As of this email blast Videonomics has no official beer sponsor. 🙁

Smash! Crush! Blast! Inside GE’s Spring Break destruction porn:

Considering the minimal costs involved in making these spots, they are genius. 679,212 & 171,162 views in a week? Not Bad GE!


75% Of Mobile Video Ads Happen In-App Study also finds that shorter, non-skippable spots excel:

Fascinating stats on mobile compiled by the MMA in a study of 500 million mobile impressions. Great resource for your next mobile presentation.

Mobile Video Viewing Could Be Leading To Cord-Cutting – Experian:

Looking for more mobile usage stats including time of day usage, ad receptivity, or how much viewing takes place in the bathroom?* This free report is worth downloading.

* Inclusion of bathroom stats may have been made up by yours truly.