Not on Instagram Video? You Are Nuts.

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Brand Content

Let’s start out with some good creative fun this week. Vine captures a lot of branded video voice in this space but let’s not forget about Instagram Video. You should be paying attention to how brands are leveraging both of these platforms for three reasons 1) brands are driving true engagement with large audiences (remember these videos can be embedded throughout the web), 2) there is tremendous experimentation going on – this is a safe environment to play, 3) it is VERY cheap to create video for these platforms. These short videos are often as crude as animated GIFs, albeit with sound, and yet are a fantastic way to be playful yet informative with your products. Retailers: show off individual items in your stores, auto makers: show off the smallest of features on your latest model, cosmetics & apparel companies: makeup/fashion tips. Not only will you drive views and engagement, but you’ll end up with a vast catalog of video for your site and retail outlets. Who will be the first retailer to feature Vine endcaps?

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Coke’s “This is AHH” campaign taps user generated content to reach younger audiences. Their assertion: reach these audiences with content they are used to consuming.

What Coke’s New Campaign Says About the Future of Advertising

As a west coaster with a serious sweet tooth I am thrilled to see the better of the main stream licorices launching a truly multi-platform campaign. Great food for thought (pun very much intended) for marketers who are interested in tying cross platform campaigns together.

Fruit Vines Bites Launch Uses TV, Mobile Tour, Social

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Media Buying & Measurement

Programatic is not overhyped; it is here to stay and will be how most media is bought and sold. However, it is confusing as it is often used as a catch all phrase. Read this if you are looking for a quick refresher on the term as well as the current state of Programmatic.

The CMO’s Guide to Programmatic Buying

This Quantcast produced white paper on Viewability contains terrific baseline strategies. All digital media spends should include protection for both viewability and fraud (not covered in this PDF).

The Road to Viewability

Though a bit heavy handed on the self promotion, this Video Out of Home PDF white paper put out by RMG is worth the download. It is a great primer on why DOOH needs to be a larger portion of your brand’s spend. Quick Summary: it’s measurable, consistent and performs.

The New Reality of Digital Video Advertising

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