Dina Marovich

SVP, Worldwide Media and Interactive Marketing at Paramount Home Media Distribution

As an analytical yet creative marketing executive, Dina Marovich has a history of success in innovation, leveraging a team-based model of excellence to attain goals, develop synergy and deliver ROI. Throughout her career, Dina has earned a reputation as a dynamic mentor who is adept at developing and enriching professional relationships. She excels at building loyal, high-performing teams that exceed expectations in rapidly evolving environments.

Dina’s achievements include optimizing resources to maximize revenue and deliver results through an integrated marketing approach utilizing traditional media and interactive marketing. Since 2006, she has provided strategic vision and led marketing execution at Paramount Pictures, with a focus on physical and electronic media including Blu-ray, DVD and EST or electronic sell-through/digital downloads. Her scope of responsibility also includes marketing for Paramount VOD (video-on-demand) movie rentals and PPV (pay-per-view.)

At Paramount, Dina had resounding success as Senior Vice President, integrating online and paid media. She generated organic growth through social and interactive media such as Facebook and Twitter. Her successes include marketing many top-tier films including Star Trek: Into Darkness, How to Train Your Dragon and Jack Reacher. Her marketing strategy for the four Indiana Jones movies generated 3.5 million Facebook likes and 15,000 Twitter followers.

Throughout a career spanning some two decades, Dina has won numerous awards including the 2013 Lovie Award for the Best International Social Media Campaign across the European Union. A sampling of her other accomplishments include winning the Promo Magazine Interactive Marketing Award. She has been honored by her peers and asked to serve as a judge for the 2013 Effie Awards and is a member of the iMedia Advisory Board. In addition, the Internet Advertising Bureau chose Dina as a Mixx Award Finalist for the Best Integrated Media award.

After being aggressively recruited by senior leaders, Dina came to Paramount to lead media planning and buying for North American releases of physical media including Blu-ray and DVDs. She transformed corporate culture by leading the successful integration of Paramount and the recently acquired DreamWorks marketing groups to create a dynamic, top-performing, loyal team with high employee engagement and low turnover. In that role, Dina elevated media planning and buying, leveraging business acumen to provide strategic vision and seamless execution of innovative initiatives to reach targeted audiences. Dina adroitly managed a 20-member team in an organizational environment, delivering up to 200 plans per year with budgets up to $150M. In 2011, she was promoted to Senior Vice President with additional responsibilities for the emerging areas of electronic and interactive delivery channels.

Dina’s affiliation with Paramount began in 2004, when she was selected by global media and planning agency Media Edge (MEA) to lead media planning for the recently acquired, multi-million-dollar Paramount account. As the key client contact for two top executives, she provided strategic marketing and media input during an era of heavy new releases.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Dina’s background includes foundational experience in marketing with Carsey-Werner Productions, and diverse agency roles with Rubin Postaer & Associates. She was the winner of the Wall Street Journal Trailblazer Award for emerging advertising executives and the Monty McKinney Award for Advertising Excellence.

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