Gordon Paddison

CEO at Stradella Road

As CEO of Stradella Road, Gordon works with executive leadership at multiple Fortune 500 clients and leads Stradella’s advisory, research, investment and social practices. As an investor, Gordon works with entrepreneurs at Umbel, Rockify, OpenBucks, EpoxyTV, Digital Broadcasting Group, Blayze, CakeHealth, Buffer and Appssavvy. As an advisor he supports GroupMe, Eventful and Simulmedia.

Awarded Variety’s “Integrated Marketer of the Year Award” he has a dozen years senior management experience at Time Warner, bringing more than 200 feature films to market including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, while heading the studio’s digital media buying, business development, and cross division integrated marketing.

Recently for Lucasfilm, Gordon led digital for Disney’s Lucasfilm acquisition and integration, reorganized the digital team and initiated strategic planning for ongoing development of the Star Wars franchise online. He provides ongoing advisory support to the studio, focused on innovation in digital marketing and technology.

Gordon served on the Time Warner Research Council and as a member of the Board of Governors at The American Television Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Producers Guild of America.

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