Janice Finkle-Greene

EVP of Buying Analytics at MAGNA

Ms. Janice Finkel-Greene serves as Executive Vice President and Director of Buying Analytics at MAGNA Global USA, Inc. Ms. Finkel-Greene has over 20 years of media experience and is highly respected and known throughout the industry for her incredible insight across marketing disciplines. She served at Initiative in the Futures and Technology department and previous to that she was stationed in the Local Broadcast group for Initiative as well. She works on both the local and national level with a specialized focus on cross-platform and advanced TV and radio media. She Keeps clients and staff informed about advances in audience measurement, on-line auction models as well as the latest tools for tracking, reporting and analyzing ad campaigns. Additionally, she serves as chair of Arbitron’s Agency Advisory Board and was awarded the 2008 Mediaweek All Star for Research. Ms. Finkel-Greene serves as an active member and participant on several industry related committees including AAAA’s Research Committee, The Nielsen Customer Alliance and Media Rating Council.

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