Jarvis Mak

SVP, Customer Success at Rocket Fuel

Jarvis is responsible for the Operations, Analytics, and Professional Services teams. These teams work with Sales and Account Management to translate customer objectives into inputs to the Rocket Fuel platform that optimize performance and help ensure campaign success. Before joining Rocket Fuel, Jarvis worked with Havas Digital as Senior Vice President and Global Director of Research and Insight, responsible for working with clients worldwide to help guide communication strategy through an insights-driven approach. Jarvis originally joined Havas Digital as head of research for Media Contacts in the U.S. Before joining Media Contacts, he was with DS-IQ, a marketing services firm in retail digital media, translating in-store campaign results into recommended targeting and optimization strategies. Prior to DS-IQ, Jarvis was at Yahoo!, where he provided insights and solutions to key retail and travel clients. Jarvis also served as Director of Analytics for Nielsen//NetRatings, where he spearheaded the MegaPanel research effort and managed the company’s custom research team.

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