Jeremy Walker

Director, Community Relations at VMA Media

I currently am the Director of Community Relations at VMA Media. Our goal is to help marketers gain clarity in their marketing strategy through events designed to educate and bring together today’s best and brightest. In this crazy, fragmented ecosystem, we need a place to do this. My day to day consists of building deep brand and agency relationships to support our overarching event goals. That is to bring the most senior decision makers on the buy and sell side to the table to explore ways to partner and grow the media landscape.

I joined VMA Media at its inception in 2012 as employee #3. Talk about a shift from my previous role on brand side where I supported the global sales team at Babolat. And yes, that had its perks!

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Sociology and snowboarding (the latter I’m most proud of). GO Buffs!