Jes Santoro

Head of Sales, Ad Cloud TV at Adobe

Jes Santoro is a media and technology executive with over 20 years of integrated media and ad technology experience. A leader in the field, he has expertly matched top credentials in traditional media and marketing with a passionate commitment to digital mediums, programmatic software and SaaS applications.

Jes possesses an ultra-focused strategy, unparalleled creativity and an established strength in building long, profitable relationships in advertising, media and technology. He has also served on various trade groups and committees such as being a former Co-chair of the CTAM On Demand Consortium (ODC); Agency Advisory and Advanced Workflow committees as well as a former member of AAAA Media Directors and Executive Committees. Jes is currently on the Board of Advisors of VMA Media and active with numerous aspects of other trade groups.

Currently Jes leads sales for Adobe Ad Cloud TV (Adobe acquired TubeMogul in December 2016), part of the Adobe Advertising Cloud. The TubeMogul acquisition provided Adobe an enterprise software company that delivers advertisers a single platform to buy all multi-channel media formats across all devices – digital and TV. Adobe Ad Cloud simplifies the planning and execution of ads and maximizes the impact of every dollar spent. The world’s largest brands and agencies centralize their advertising on the Adobe platform because it enables them to make data-driven decisions that lead to better brand results.

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