Week Observed: Programmatic’s Painful Birth

Posted 6 years ago by Josh Messinger

It’s hard to ignore the push towards programmatic buying for TV and digital. Each week my conversations with marketers include a more and more emphatic plea. What I hear goes something like this, “It is archaic how media is transacted, the labor, the paperwork…its ridiculous and it has to change now.” Conversely, I am regularly told by media execs programmatic is a race to “devalue” their product. That it commoditizes their media and in some instances “makes our content unsustainable”.

While I am sure this efficiency could increase the downward pressure on media prices it could also sell a lot more media. But lets put all of this aside because it is not the interesting part of the delivery process. What always follows from marketers is a focus on building more utility oriented advertising programs including: content integrations, co-investing in content, and making more use of big data. Ultimately every marketer I speak with wants to invest more in this future. The problem for marketer and media company alike isn’t the endpoint its the painful process of getting there.

After talking to marketers day in and day out here’s my two cents. We need to get more aggressive with our timeline towards an efficient marketplace by making smarter use of data, more spend decisions in real time, and bigger investments in content. Agencies, you are going to see some short term hits as your revenue models change. Media companies, its gonna hurt for you too as your dollars shrink. But after that comes bigger dollars, better marketing, and a better ecosystem for marketer, media, and consumer alike.

Shameless plug: Attention Chicago marketers, on September 17th Videonomics will be bringing together agency and brand executives with TV and digital leaders to discuss issues including the challenges of a programatic future. Join 60 executive participants from Draftfbc, OMD, Starcom, ABC, NBC, Nielsen, ComScore and more at the W Lakeshore. Request an invitation here 

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