See how Jarden, HP, Avvo and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips are ADAPTing

Posted 2 years ago by See how Jarden, HP, Avvo and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips are ADAPTing

ADAPT Summit Coverage

More from ADAPT: hear how Jarden, HP and Avvo are finding success with content, technology partnerships and influencer campaigns.  Learn from Manatt, Phelps and Phillips on the new federal regulations that are shaking up the native advertising ecosystem.

Jarden’s Marketing Success Through Content & Technology Partnerships

You may not know the name, but you know the brands. Jarden Corporation is a global Fortune 500 consumer products company with over 120 brands and 35,000 employees worldwide. Tasked with leveraging the communication activities that occur across the diverse brands, Jared Anderson will provide visibility into common challenges and opportunities shared by marketers as it relates to media. He will discuss how they are using data, not just as a tool for targeting consumers, but as a resource for discovering emerging and innovative media companies through partnerships with audience drivers like Buzzfeed’s Tasty.

Jared Anderson, Director of Media Ventures at Jarden Corporation


Lessons From HP: Creating Influencer Campaigns

With greater connectivity and an always on culture, consumers expect to converse and engage with brands rather than simply watch clever 30 second TV spots. With so many brands now focusing on content excellence, how do you stay relevant and stand out from the crowd?

In late 2014, HP set out on a journey to evolve and elevate engagement with Millennials through relevant and innovative content. Their objective: reset the creative bar for social content, taking what has become ordinary and making it extraordinary. Using a combination of influencers and innovative storytelling they set out to capture the hearts and minds of millennials. In this session, they share some key learnings/tips they found when navigating through the world of influencers over the past 18 months.

Samantha Bonamour, Global Marketing Director, Consumer Personal Systems at HP


Launching A New Brand And Measuring It!: When Models, Humans, And Marketing Goals Collide

When launched themselves as a national advertiser in 2015, they faced the same questions all brands ask themselves: ‘how do I build a brand using the right media?’, ‘what marketing works and doesn’t work?’ and ‘how much advanced analytics can I do myself?’. Great lessons can be learned from a brand who started from a clean slate.

It turns out the path to advanced analytics and marketing optimization is essentially a human one. The answer to measuring the launch of a national brand is a mix of help from agency partners, vendors and building talent internally. In this session we’ll see how the combination of collecting only the right data and simple executive alignment is the key to making smarter more informed decisions.

Christina Kozloff Peterson, Director of Brand Marketing at Avvo
Duncan Houldsworth, Managing Partner & Founder at Purseia, Inc


What You Need To Know: New Federal Regulation Shakes Up The Native Advertising Ecosystem

Just as 2015 ended, the Federal Trade Commission issued long-awaited guidance on native advertising – commercial content designed with the look and feel of editorial content. The new rules go beyond simply reminding brands and publishers that commercial content must be identified as such. Instead, they reflect the FTC’s view that consumers must be able to quickly and easily distinguish sponsored content from content that is independently created and produced. Many of these requirements are at odds with current industry practices. The upshot? Advertisers and publishers must reexamine their current policies. Now is the time to learn what your new disclosure obligations are and ensure you are equipped with essential tips and best practices for compliance. This session will provide insight into what could trigger regulatory scrutiny as we share our views on what’s in store on the native advertising enforcement front this year.

Linda Goldstein, Partner, Chair, Advertising, Marketing and Media Division at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP