That’s a wrap on 2018 and OTT ad views hit record high

Posted 6 months ago by That’s a wrap on 2018 and OTT ad views hit record high

Tis the season when media headlines are dominated by lofty predictions for the year ahead and roundups of the year that’s ending. One of the noteworthy end-of-year salutes is AdAge’s “The Not Hot List for 2019” in which Mike Proulx skewers some of the industry trends, platforms, and emerging tech that so many marketers bet big on this year. Some of the budgetary misfires, or as he puts it “media and tech phenomena that are falling out of vogue,” start with the venerable and soon-endangered “ad tech startup” that in the months ahead could face a pull-back on VC investment dollars, increasingly complex data regulations, and market oversaturation. He then moves on to the harsh cord-cutting reality cable networks are facing in the arms race against streamers for viewership market share. Proulx also takes issue with the concept of “digital” as a distinction in the marketing mix. “Brands that want to win in 2019 can no longer treat digital as a separate thing – it’s got to be the only thing,” he states.

Other areas of skeptic-worthy attention include Facebook Portal, Snapchat copycats, IGTV, chatbots, social media fatigue, the online advertising “triopoly” that now includes Amazon, and the virtual reality nosedive. He ends his piece on precisely the upbeat, optimistic tone everyone on the tail end of a long and exhausting year really needs to hear:

“Overall, 2019 is shaping up to be less about marketing hype and more about marketing sensibility. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of opportunity for innovation. Successful brands will benefit from a heavy dose of creativity in their media and technology executions, while also designing new ways to future-proof their businesses. The patience and courage to test, learn and iterate in marketing is something that will always be hot and never a ‘not.’”


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