The New World Requires Strong Partnerships – Adam Gerber

Posted 3 years ago by The New World Requires Strong Partnerships – Adam Gerber

Adam Gerber

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The New World Requires Strong Partnerships

It may be that Adam was listening in on the interview with Cheryl Gresham, but it’s more likely that Mr. Gerber’s comments are based on the years of hands-on experience with advertisers and video investment. First, Adam reinforces the Taco Bell approach to video and says, “We have to stop talking about linear and digital video and what platform they may be consuming content on. It’s irrelevant.” He goes on to point out that there is, “more content consumption than ever before,” and that contributes to a fractured yet healthy marketplace.

But perhaps the most important reveal that both Adam Gerber and Cheryl Gresham make is the connection between media investment and sales. Adam tells us that, “what is most important to marketers today is how will media drive their business and sell product.” But sales data has never been a data set that media sellers have access to. “The new world revolves around partnership,” advocates Gerber. “Ad sellers, agencies and marketers need to define what the marketing objective is working together with data from both sides to prove out the value of the advertising opportunity.”

Gerber and Gresham are describing what is next in video advertising and it’s about real time media and real time business results. To get to that point requires media and marketer partnerships that allow transparency for real time decisions and the flexibility to adjust. Welcome to the New World.