The Roku playbook revealed and native ad trends for 2019

Posted 5 months ago by The Roku playbook revealed and native ad trends for 2019

A recent feature on Nick Law, Publicis Groupe’s well-spoken creative chief for the past year, explores the challenge of curating talent, tactics, tech, media plans, and channels to create brand magic. A former R/GA creative lead, Law is a long-time pro at finding balance among the sometimes “difficult” and slightly “crazy” personalities that make up the cultural fabric of an ad agency.

“Part of managing creative people is to figure out how to make people successful and connect them with the right people and get the chemistry right,” he told the Drum’s Stephen Lepitak. “You have to manage idiosyncratic people and match all your Lego pieces in interesting ways. A lot of it is curation and being sensitive to what they are trying to do.”

As with any company or organization, he explains the thought process behind not only matching brand clients with the right experience levels and vision for the most successful outcomes, but also breaking down internal and external conceptions around old-style brand thinking and storytelling.

“Your job is to get the best out of people, and to do that you need to know what they are like as humans and to get them working in the right way,” he said. “How do you match talent with opportunity? How do you figure out what is best for a specific client and then get the right people in? It’s a lot more complicated than people think. It’s not just getting interesting people to create stuff that matches a brand, but the magic is more complicated than that.”

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