Ubisoft, AMEX, Subway: 3 Video Investment Approaches

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Brand Watch

In this week’s review, we see some serious investment (not talking about dollars) in online video. Three very different approaches including a classic prank, a long form documentary, and a series with deep product integration. Are you thinking, “Sure, but I’m never selling that through in my organization?” No problem. Check out the top brand Vines and Instagram videos of the week. You’ve heard this from me before people, these are minimal investment, highly creative and a great way to experiment.

Ubisoft Shows Prankvertising Still Works – Though as the author points out Prankvertising might seem played out, this YouTube video has reached 14M views. What’s missing from this piece is consumers also like videos that are purely fun and where they are not getting the hard sell. For my money, I’d rather make it more contextual and move more units off the shelf as well.

American Express’ 40-Minute Digital ‘Docu-Ad’ That’s Not Really an Ad – In a similar vein and yet one that worked for me comes this AMEX documercial. 1) I love how AMEX is investing in consumer and small business education and creating real value for its customers, 2) these investments become a hub of long lasting content and a reason for customers to come back to your video outlets. One channel alone is up to 6.5M views…not bad for a 40-minute video.

Subway and AwesomenessTV to Serve ‘Summer with Cimorelli’ – This is the best investment yet. Subway has taken a major up and coming teen group, seasoned TV producing/directing talent and is creating a show of its own…and it is all online. If you don’t think this has legs then you have not met my 10 year-old daughter!

Best Branded Vines of the Week: 4th June 2014 – Great work by Netflix, Marmite, Coke, Ford, & Nokia.

5 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 3rd June 2014 – Jack in the Box, Oreo (Yum, World Milk Day!), Target, Lego, & Veuve Clicquot.

This week also saw more in house movement. This both a cost savings as well as an attempt at faster responses to the digital space. Take these examples: Apple Isn’t the Only Company Moving Ad Work In-House, McDonald’s Sets Up Shop in Silicon Valley and MLB Advanced Media Could Evolve Into ‘Vine Agency’.

Hump Day vs. State Farm Jake in the Battle of YouTube Memes

Media Buying & Measurement

Procter & Gamble Aims to Buy 70% of Digital Ads Programmatically – The important line: “By the end of this year”. As the article points out, this is very different than previous announcements by other brands in that this is a brand advertiser. I have no idea if there is enough premium inventory out there to support this move. This is a terrific move by P&G; I am very interested in hearing if they’ll be changing their fraud and viewability protection strategy to match their buys. Watch for more brands taking programmatic in house and following P&G’s lead as well.

GroupM Agrees to Use C7 In Upfront / It’s Finally Happened: A Big Ad Buyer is Paying for a Week of Time-Shifting – Make no mistake, this is big news.

Mobile Viewing Of Online Video Doubles – Mary Meeker’s annual report is always a must read. This piece includes her charts (for your next presentation). I highly recommend you watch her full video presentation.

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