Uncovering more online fraud, free advertising, & AMEX to go 100% Programmatic

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Fraud Watch

The Great Unwatched:

Regular readers might be thinking, “enough already with the online fraud posts”…but if you haven’t done the math, billions (that’s with a B) of advertising dollars are being swindled out of the pockets of brands. A story a day on this topic wouldn’t be enough coverage.

More Ad Dollars Flow to Pirated Video:

As if there wasn’t enough fraud out there apparently even online pirated movies are now ad supported. What brands are appearing on these sites? Kraft, Toyota, Target, Honda and more.

Advertiser Watch

Lowe’s Wants Your Ideas For Its Next How-To Vine Videos:

Riffing off of what is already my favorite brand use of Vine, Lowe’s is calling on consumers to contribute fix-it how to videos. No way to know how the campaign will do as it hasn’t launched and there won’t be Twitter metrics on number of views but I’m going to call this a success. Imagine the catalog of videos Lowe’s could amass to help its customers (and boost sales!).

How GoPro and Tesla hacked digital marketing:

I’ll cheat and give you the answer: it is the power of free advertising. According to the article there are over 400 million views of GoPro videos shot down ski slopes. But smart marketers will tell you that ‘free advertising’ is a misnomer. GoPro has invested plenty in a digital team to create videos and manage Youtube content. This is a different kind of investment.

American Express Wants to Shift Online Ad Budget to Programmatic Technologies:

AMEX put out a test RFP to see what would happen if it shifted 100% of its $128.5 million online display budget to programmatic. While only a test, this move makes me think two things: 1) brands will be placing serious pressure on both online AND TV to make their buys more efficient, and 2) at what programmatic spending level would AMEX bring their media buying in house

Disney’s $500M bet on Maker Studios pays off: Omnicom signs eight-figure deal with the company:

The most interesting part of this deal isn’t the media buy, it is the access to Maker’s YouTube creators. If you think this will be a small portion of the spend, think again. Remember that 45% of all media deals are forked over to YouTube.

ANA Pushes for Governing Authority To Improve Media Measurement. CEO Liodice: ‘Not to Sound Arrogant, But We’re Spending the Money’

TV Watch

Broadcast Networks: We Need To Get Paid For 7 Days:

My question is why isn’t this already the standard?

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