Why we are launching Videonomics

Posted 7 years ago by Josh Messinger

We are excited about the changes taking place in video. Video is everywhere now not just TV and theaters, but at the gas pumps, on our phones, on our tablets etc, etc. We can only get better at making those things work together.

Just look at some of the last six month’s video news:

  • 2.1 million unique viewers of the streamed Super Bowl
  • Conan to TBS
  • iPhone 4s HD cameras
  • The rise fall and rise again of netflix
  • Crowd sourced video hitting the Super Bowl (shout out to our parent company: poptent!)
  • Specific Media acquiring MySpace

This is not the first post to point out that brands are not simply advertisers – they are media companies. But by delving deep into Videonomics™ we plan to help brands explore how video advertising is evolving and with all the possibilities comes an opportunity to reassess the way you tell your story.

Our goal is simple

  • To bring together the thought leaders who are making decisions in the video space every day to collaborate, debate and question where we’re at currently and how we propel an industry to where it needs to be.