Videonomics Summit Coverage 2016 – Day 2

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Summit Coverage

The Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point, CA | November 6-8
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The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Dana Point, CA was the perfect setting for Videonomics attendees to address pressing topics challenging brands and their agencies today.We’ve compiled a series of videos and event photos as part of our Videonomics coverage. Hope you enjoy! Upcoming Events
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December 1, 2016
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Session Videos
Videonomics Reality Check Videonomics Reality CheckAfter a day and a half packed full of content, Summit co-hosts Gloria DeCoste and Gabe Gordon tap peers from Constellation Brands, Horizon Media and Fullscreen for a reality check on how summit themes fit in with both the day-to-day and future of their business.
Presented by: 

Gloria DeCoste, Head of Digital Strategy, Nestle
Gabe Goodwin, Managing Partner, The Reach Agency
Kevin McGurn, Head of Sales, Fullscreen
Erika Gessin, Director, Marketing Technology, Constellation Brands
Marianne Gambelli, Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media
Content Marketing Through Storytelling Content Marketing Through Storytelling
This keynote presentation brings together three leaders with a proven track record of creating clickable, sharable, entertaining content for national networks and brands. Their discussion spans different aspects of branded content, and they share the best (and worst) practices from a network, talent, brand and agency/production perspective. 
Presented by:
Matt Doyle
, EVP of Broadcast/Digital Video, GYK Antler
Gabe Goodwin
, VP of Cross-Platform Content & Development, Fox Sports
Kenny Mayne
, Sports Center Anchor & Featured Reporter, ESPN
A Story About A Story. Why Is Storytelling Not Like Adding Numbers? A Story About A Story. Why Is Storytelling Not Like Adding Numbers?
As you know, everyone knows storytelling works. The complication is that nobody can tell a story about telling a story. This means that storytelling has become more mythical than it should be. How do we make it less mythical and more accessible? The answer is by first understanding that it isn’t like adding numbers. Then second, understanding how storytelling is more like an algebraic equation. 
Presented by:
Bret Leece
, Global Chief Analytics Officer, Initiative
Relatable Storytelling Pulls in Moviegoers Relatable Storytelling Pulls in Moviegoers
STX Entertainment’s “Bad Moms” overcomes marketing complications to pull in moviegoers with relatable storytelling.
Presented by:
Serena Duff
, EVP General Manager, Western Region, Horizon Media
When Are You Ready For VR, AR and 360 Video When Are You Ready For VR, AR and 360 Video
A case study in emerging video technology. When to invest in asset development, how to amplify to scale, and how to prove effectiveness.
Presented by:
Autumn White
, Head of Digital , West, OMD