Videonomics Summit Coverage 2016 – Day 1

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Summit Coverage

The Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point, CA | November 6-8
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The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Dana Point, CA was the perfect setting for Videonomics attendees to address pressing topics challenging brands and their agencies today.We’ve compiled a series of videos and event photos as part of our Videonomics coverage. Hope you enjoy! Upcoming Events
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December 1, 2016
Mobilenomics Summit
June 4-6, 2017
Videonomics Summit
November 5-7, 2017
Session Videos
Co-Host Kick-Off Co-Host Kick-Off
Co-Hosts Gloria DeCoste & Pete Boland set the tone on Summit themes; everything from how do we define video and changing consumer behavior to what the heck are we going to do about viewability and ad fraud.
Presented by: 
Gloria DeCoste, Head of Digital Strategy, Nestle
Pete Boland, Head of Brand, Charles Schwab
Fireside Chat with Geri Wang and Suzanne Cole Fireside Chat ABC and Universal Pictures 
Our Summit co-hosts joined ABC President of Sales, Geri Wang and Universal Pictures EVP, Media, Suzanne Cole for a conversation about brand storytelling in today’s evolving video landscape, redefining TV and how digital best supports brand growth.
Presented by: 
Geri Wang, President of Sales, ABC
Suzanne Cole, EVP, Media, Universal Pictures
Breaking Down the Infuencer Marketing Landscape Breaking Down the Influencer Marketing Landscape
With well over 100 new companies in the influencer marketing space, two things are clear: 1) there’s enormous opportunity 2) it’s a hot mess (WSJ, 6/2016). In this session, John simplified the current landscape by breaking it down into 4 distinct groups while providing insight into the specific search, management and analytical tools needed to run successful campaigns. 
Presented by:
John Bohan
, CEO/Founder, Socialtyze
Why Morals, Missions and Cultural Shifts are Helping Brands Find Their Voice Why Morals, Missions and Cultural Shifts are Helping Brands Find Their Voice
Mandana Mellano showcases some of Fallon’s latest and greatest work in both media and creative that truly conveys the power of creativity in making strides in culture. She explores how working with Arby’s, Silk Almond Milk, IFC and CNN have changed their vantage point on the strength of a brand’s voice. How do these changes manifest in their work? Think documentaries and political spoofs…we’ll let her share the rest.
Presented by:
Mandana Mellano
, Chief Media Officer, Fallon Worldwide
Intuit Helps Small Businesses “own It Every Day” And Fuels Business Growth Intuit Helps Small Businesses “Own It Every Day” and Fuels Business Growth
There are over 28 million small business owners in the US; yet, at times, can feel isolated and without a mentor to guide the way. Intuit tapped into their shared hopes, struggles, passions and reasons for being in an original content series, featuring an original piece of video each day for a full year. It was narrowcasted through social platforms, so you likely haven’t yet seen this great example of content marketing that actually drives significant ROI.
Presented by:
Joanna Hamilton
, Group Marketing Manager, Intuit
Mike Margolin, SVP, Director of Audience, RPA