Our Differentiator

Posted 4 years ago by Our Differentiator

We constantly hear our events are different…..heck, we pride ourselves on this point. 

VMA Media’s events always start with conversations and interviews with senior brand and agency executives. Our goal in these conversations is to identify 1) the transactional barriers holding marketers back from being more effective with their spends and 2) helping marketers narrow down and harness all of the tools at their fingertips to reach point #1.

We’ve found great success in sitting marketers, media, and tech executives in a room to solve a specific problem. We call these attendee led sessions, Roundtables. These small group working sessions along with main stage marketer lead strategy chats and partner hosted case studies make up 50% of our events. We also know that with an industry as vibrant as ours, connecting people is a big part of the secret sauce. Where better to do just that than over a 5K run/walk on the beach, morning hike, beer tasting on a breathtaking veranda mountainside or via a dinner cooking competition?

What is always consistent is VMA bringing together a select group of senior brand, agency, technology, and media executives that we qualify to ensure the best possible mix, who are willing to share and invest themselves in the experience. 

  • Director level or higher executives
  • 1:1 Ratio of brands and agencies to senior media and technology executives
  • Real conversations: including our signature Roundtables @ the Summits
  • Marketer led content designed by and for marketers
  • World Class Venues