Week Observed: Appointment Commercials Hit Jimmy Fallon vs Programmatic

Posted 6 years ago by Josh Messinger

Something has been gnawing at me. At last week’s Videonomics Chicago we discussed the increased pressure on media buyers to automate based on the volume of transactions necessary to reach audiences of scale. But, how do you make the shift without undercutting media’s ability to create premium content? I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to give up my Breaking Bad or Parks & Recreation. Heck, I’m waiting for AOL or Yahoo! to green light the next House of Cards. If you’ve ever had this conversation with a media exec then you’ve seen the heightened response at the mere mention of programatic. The best you will get out of them is “maybe someday we’ll try this with some scatter inventory.” P.S. they’re not wrong to be defensive.

So how do you have the conversation without ending it before it starts?

It dawned on me when looking over last week’s news: don’t talk about media, talk about creating consumer value. Honda’s sponsorship of X Factor includes three product integrations; one of which sees contestants driving around in a minivan singing tunes. If this is executed well this could be a favorite segment, after all, who doesn’t love rocking out in their car?

The NFL’s “Together We Make Football” spot featuring 10 year old YouTube sensation Samantha Gordon beating much larger boys at football is equally compelling. Who doesn’t love these player spotlights? Fans can also upload their own videos and be eligible for an upcoming NFL Films documentary.

Now take NBCU’s partnership with Lexus to create live improvised commercials broadcast from under the Brooklyn Bridge. Done right and you’ve got content (shhhh its a campaign) that could be as appointment viewing as Saturday Night Live. Take it even further and you’ve got content that could be played any time against any show. Suddenly your commercial breaks aren’t being devalued, they’re all being turned into prime time.

If we focus our energies on increasing the value for consumers, media companies, and advertisers as we automate an antiquated system everyone’s defenses will come down.

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