What’s Got This Exec Fired-Up? – Andrew Snyder

Posted 3 years ago by What’s Got This Exec Fired-Up? – Andrew Snyder

Andrew Snyder

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What’s Got This Exec Fired-Up?

Mr. Snyder has been around digital video for a long time. Who remembers Starwave? A little digital media company founded by Paul Allen in 1993 that produced interactive CD-ROMs and built websites for ESPN and ABCNews amongst others. Andrew started his digital career there as an account exec and moved on to ESPN.com as Director of Ad Sales where he spent 6 years. At Yahoo, he led the ad sales project to monetize the first-ever live stream-only NFL game. He is one of the most experienced, seasoned and intelligent digital media executives today, and he is fired up!

What’s got Andrew excited? The fact that brands today are demonstrating an openness to shifting budgets to digital video from TV. He cites data, programmatic buying and quality of digital content as the forces that are moving brand dollars to digital video today. Check out the comments from one of the most sought after voices and authorities in the digital video world today.