Why the Olympics and Celebrity Selfies Matter to Samsung

Posted 5 years ago by Josh Messinger

Coming Soon: Tweets, Vines Set to Play on U.S. Movie Screens This Summer

This is a terrific idea. If I were a brand I would be rushing to make a Vine deal with NCM. Digital Place-based media is a barely tapped world for video and the ability to add true interactivity to theaters opens a lot of creative doors. This is something we’ll be learning more about with the DP-AA’s Barry Frey and Posterscope’s Ray Rotolo at the upcoming Videonomics Summit.

The Best And Worst Of 2014 Sochi Olympics Marketing Strategy

This post is packed with examples of brands making great use of video in the Olympics. Take two similar approaches…I am addicted to Liberty Mutual’s RISE campaign. They’ve invested in a series of short films which extend the best part of the Olympics: the athlete stories. P&G did something similar but with a great tweak; focusing on the athletes’ moms. If you don’t well up at these commercials there is something seriously wrong with you.

Why Olympic Sponsor Samsung Passed on Games Broadcast

Speaking of different approaches to the Olympics; Samsung has taken a novel media approach, buying Olympics spots every where but during the Olympics (while also reducing overall spend compared to previous years). Talk about extending your messaging!

Pepsi Max ‘Test Drive 2’ Pulls 4M Views In 24 Hours

The original ad garnered 41 million views since it was released. Now I’m even rethinking Samsung’s aforementioned media spend.

ABC Taps Twitter to Broadcast Celebrity Selfies During Oscars

Did you spot these? They were both awkward and fun. My lord that Samsung phone is HUGE.

Exclusive: Digital Ad Views In Long-Form Video Up 86%

The key takeaway for advertisers in this Freewheel produced study: long form content viewing is up 86% from a year ago and the completion rates for :15 & :30s are above 90%. You don’t have to read the full article.

INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials Watch Way More Video Than Anyone Else — But Not On TV

Advertisers: the way to reach millennials is on smartphones and tablets. This YuMe produced infographic has some keeper stats including unaided brand recall and brand impact. Great visuals for your next presentation.

Cox Media sells linear TV inventory programmatically

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Think automation and programmatic isn’t coming to TV? Hot off the presses: Comcast Nears $320 Million Deal to Acquire Video Ad Platform FreeWheel. Though there is tremendous pushback from TV sellers this universe is certainly morphing faster than even I would have imagined.