Your needs are changing… and we’re changing our brand to address them.

Posted 4 years ago by Josh Messinger

Sitting in our Videonomics perch we have a terrific window to the land of marketing and let’s face it, we’ve outgrown a singular focus on video. In talking to hundreds of senior marketing executives over the past three years, it’s clear you are not only tasked with producing and distributing video. You are storytellers, app developers, media buyers, creatives and so much more.

Just as you are adapting, so too are we. Videonomics is now one of our brands, our company is VMA Media. You’ll understand why below.


When we launched Videonomics three years ago, marketers were struggling with the convergence of TV and digital. The two battle grounds were: metrics and the quest for a unified measurement (GRP), and how to use video to best connect with consumers regardless of device.

Today a common metric remains top of mind, however, attribution is the name of the game. Metrics have leap frogged a universal measurement, opting instead for an emphasis on attribution. Which of my efforts drives sales, brand lift, etc? The only metric that matters is YOUR metric.

Videonomics is more relevant than ever. Video is and will always be where the lion’s share of marketing dollars go. The challenge: to produce video content consumers care about, distribute it at scale anywhere your customers consume media, and ensure it performs. We will continue to be the place where high level conversations with senior executives shape the future of video.


Mobilenomics is in the name. Marketing is everywhere and mobile is the truest incarnation of everywhere.

The greatest challenge of mobile is that the sky’s the limit; mobile devices can seemingly do anything, but marketers aren’t trying to conquer the limitless opportunities, they are trying to sell more product and market their brands.

With the same limited resources you are now challenged with reaching the always-on consumer everywhere. We will bring senior marketing executives together to share how they are translating their strategy to the everywhere consumer.


We are kicking off 2015 with a brand new summit; ADAPT is all about the intersection of content, data, social, analytics, and programmatic.

We find ourselves constantly quoting Target’s Kristi Argyilan at the last Videonomics Summit, “I [Target] have 20% of the content I need and I don’t know where the other 80% is coming from.” You’ve probably read about her fireside chat in previous emails, if not you should definitely watch her session.

All marketers are struggling with Kristi’s dilemma. You need to produce more content than ever, use 1st and 3rd party data to help determine what to produce, how to distribute it, and how to buy media most effectively. This is a radical new way of thinking…and organizing marketing teams. ADAPT’s purpose is to help senior marketing executives navigate these waters.


What this all means for you

Much in the way we developed these brands, all the content, conversations and direction of our events comes from marketers. We aren’t just announcing our dates and brands, we want you involved in 2015:

  • VMA events will continue to be conversation driven. Come be a part of the discussions.
  • Ready to learn from the best in the business? Register for an event.
  • Have a session idea or issue that needs addressing? We program at your direction.
  • Found success in a case study you want to share? We’re all ears.
  • Ready to reach the top executives in marketing? We accept sponsor dollars…

Let me know how you would like to get involved.