YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki explains Article 13 and Gen Alpha is already driving purchasing decisions

Posted 5 months ago by YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki explains Article 13 and Gen Alpha is already driving purchasing decisions

It’s that time of year when headlines and media themes focus on kitschy Halloween catchphrases that evoke horror, fear, and something spooky or gross. In the spirit of autumn, cooler weather, turning leaves, and the approaching holidays, Ad Age canvassed a group of industry veterans from all corners of the agency, brand, and tech worlds for a glimpse at some of the personal and professional issues that give them a mighty dose of fright in the night.

Responses ranged from comical to concerning, from blockchain to the data deluge, from the struggle for brand relevance to the quickening pace of consumer behavior. Here’s a quick recap from “What Scares Me Right Now…

  • “I’m scared about the talent that’s quickly fleeing our industry. Or the lack of diverse talent that’s hindering our progress and allows other industries to innovate faster.”
  • “I’m afraid of losing control of the brand—it’s such a precious asset and you work so hard to protect it.”
  • “A world where creatives report to CFOs, consultants and engineers.”
  • “Marketing spend without any attribution and a shared nut bowl at a bar.”
  • “What scares me right now is that a lot of clients have forgotten the value of creativity.”
  • “The rise of programmatic media and the level of personalization it takes to deliver the message. What will be the rising value of personalization in the future?”
  • “Advancing advertising monetization and measurement practices by this time next year.”
  • “I wish I had a crystal ball that would assure me the OTT market will mature quickly enough to offset the continued margin pressure in the advertising market.”
  • “A lack of long-term innovation in exchange for short-term gains.”

And most seasonally appropriate:

  • “The lack of scary ideas across the industry in general scares me—stuff that is frightening to present and even braver to buy. Let’s stick the fun back into proceedings by being unafraid to push things collectively as far as we terrifyingly can.”

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